Aviation Commits Initiative

Fully Commited

to excellent customer service delivery and improved employee productivity

“Aviation Commits”

is a visual management system with a key focus on the customer


It is about accountability and efficiency in the aviation industry

“Aviation Commits”

Stands to deliver services to the people beyond expectations


It is aimed at re-packaging, re-branding and re-directing the Aviation Industry

“Aviation Commits”

is a channel to make complaints and complements as well as criticism and contributions

Aviation Commits at a glance


The Honourable Minister of Aviation
Chief Osita Chidoka, OFR

When I resumed office as the Minister, the first thing I had to do was to read all the reports made available to me, study the aviation master plan, listen to the concerns of all the stakeholders in the industry.

Through my Facebook platform, I was able to discern the views of the public. Using a third party poll, we were able to draw out the needs of the public.

All the ideas, comments, plans, fault lines and concerns drive us back to the same spot… The blind spot.

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Facebook Reviews

The recent changes in the aviation industry in Nigeria is a thing that even the blind can see, more need to be done and believe you me the man Osita is able and capable.

But something should be done about the way air line operators delay flight and send one small girl to come and say sorry for the delay and when passengers miss flight they will be asked to pay extra.

Egeonu, Ogbonna
The recent feedback to the general public on the complaints of a flying pax by the honourable minister for aviation is a right step.

Pls, keep your eyes on the ball and don’t allow the innovation fall between the cracks. I can only wish you well.

Monday, Ebuehi
Just watching as events unfold and will comment as deemed necessary. We want to see changes.

Airlines that fail their passengers should be made to face the law.

Chinny, Ogbonna
The ministry is on fire and the man behind it is just too good! In the last six months (or less), I have struggled to keep up with the unbelievable work the new aviation minister is doing! …

The Honourable Minister has been described to me by his peers as ’smart’, ‘a forward thinker’ and ’the change we need’

I believe his on the right track. The question now is do you?

Arinze, Eze
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